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Eco-friendly Exterminators

GREEN Solutions for most pest problems.  Click to learn more about our services or fill out the form be contacted by one of our pest professionals.  Learn more


More than just GREEN…

TGPC services all accounts.  In fact, commercial properties make up a large part of our daily business.  Contact us today to speak with a pest management professional about your commercial needs.  Learn more


Quarterly Preventative Plans

Routine treatments 4x’s a year to control and prevent common problem pests.  With back-to-back no worry warranties.  Learn more


Emergency Services

24/7 Emergency services…for those times when you really need pest control.  Wasp stings, rat bites and other vector carrying pests can pose an immediate health risk.  Learn more


Sensitive Pest Control

Schools, health care facilities, hospitals, and other sensitive accounts…we have you covered.  Think GREEN.

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It’s true, roaches can survive without their heads…Ultimately they will starve to death.  Learn more


Bed Bugs



Bed Bugs feed on blood from mammals.  They can be found just about anywhere people are.  Control requires professional intervention.  Learn more

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Mice Control

Mice can have a new litter of 4-6 young every 30 days….are you prepared to handle all that growth?  Learn more

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Click or tap on the pests below to learn more.  Don’t see your pest listed?…thats ok, more than likely we can treat, trap, exclude or squish them.  Give us a call, we’d be happy to help!

(860) 454-0712 or (203) 340-0135

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Common pest problems

Hearing noises in the attic? Click here.

Think GREEN Pest Control Specializes in identifying and eliminating pest problems from attics and crawlspaces.  Click here to request a quote or call us today (860) 454-0712.

Are you getting mystery bites? Click here.

Think GREEN Pest Control will inspect all living areas for signs of bed bugs, fleas or other biting insects.  Call us today (860) 454-0712.

Worms or moths invading your cabinets or pantry? Click here.

Think GREEN Pest Control has years of experience with stored product pests and will work with you to eliminate and prevent future occurrences.  Call us today (860) 454-0712.

Ants trailing through your home or business? Click here.

Think GREEN Pest Control has a slew of baits, dusts and liquids to combat all kinds of ant colonies.  Call us today (860) 454-0712.

Thinking about switching pest companies? Click here.

Think GREEN Pest Control services all types of accounts…Residential, Commercial, Sensitive Properties, GREEN Only, Health department requests, HUD approved treatments, Clean-outs and more.  Call us today (860) 454-0712.

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Speedy response! Very knowledgeable! A+++ service! Thanks!!

Kerri B. (Vernon)


Thanks for coming out and taking care of my new house! The bees are gone and the service was quick and professional!

Jay B. (Vernon)

Thank You for a fantastic experience today!

Janice C. (Vernon)

Prompt and friendly service.  No problems redeeming the voucher.  Did a very thurough job….will be calling again in the spring for another round of bug control

Steven R. (Somers)

Called Think Green last year after battling fruit flies. They were very helpful in giving me suggestions for getting rid of them, and how to keep them away in the future. The man who came out to service was very friendly and professional. I have recommended them to anyone I hear in need!

Victoria K. (Vernon)

Very responsive and helpful. Submitted an initial request on the company’s website for rodent control and was contacted within a couple hours. Appointment scheduling easy, willing to travel, thorough, answered all my questions. Worked with me to accomodate the most effective options in a condo with a dog. The best part was the rodents were gone on the followup appointment! Used the voucher with no issue whatsoever. Will definitely be calling for a followup in the future!

Ariana B. (Beacon Falls)

Think Green has been a responsible honest contractor, their work is very professional and clean and ever since I hired them 2 years ago all my problems throughout the complex have been taken care of with no more complaints, 5 star company

Dave L. (Marlborough)

Think Green has handled our property management accounts for several years and has been very effective. Their support and follow through has been excellent. Follow their guidance, and they will get your problem under control.

Gordon L. (Manchester)