Refer a Quarterly Plan to a friend

and when that friend signs up for a quarterly service plan you will get one free quarterly application.

Lets recap…

You get one FREE QT application when a friend you refer sets up QT services of their own.

Your friend then gets one FREE QT application after they sign up with any of our QT plans.

You get one…your friend gets one…your friend’s friend gets one….

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer.  For example, if you refer ten friends and those ten friends set up QT services of their own then you get TEN FREE applications!

The skinny

You must have a quarterly plan with us in order to get a free QT application (duh).  You can only refer a specific friend once.  If you stop services you can no longer get a referral incentive.  Referral incentives have no cash value and cannot be used to pay past or present invoices.  Your free QT application will be applied to your account after your referred friend has had their second QT application.  The referred friend will have their free QT application applied to their account on the second application as well.  You cannot refer a friend that already has a QT plan, this applies to new customers only.  Think GREEN Pest Control retains the right to cancel or modify this incentive at anytime without notice and for any reason.

Use the button above to download a Refer-A-Friend card.  Use this card to easily record your referrals and be sure to claim your FREE QT application!