Animal Proofing

Animal proofing is a major component in effective pest control.

Animal Proofing, or as we typically call it in the pest industry, Mechanical Exclusion is a major component in effective pest control practices.  Mechanical exclusion is the process of physically excluding animals, rodents and insects from a building such as a house, office building or any man-made structure.  Animal proofing your home or workplace is imperative for long lasting prevention.   The animals/rodents we get most calls for are squirrels, birds, bats, raccoons and mice.  Squirrels can cause an immense amount of damage when they get into attics.  They will chew on wires, causing fire hazards, they will tear up insulation and shred HVAC units as well.  Birds tend to roost is inside when there has been previous damage from other rodents or mother nature…same with bats roosting inside.  Birds can carry mites and diseases and can make a huge mess with their droppings.  Over time the droppings will stain and can even deteriorate surfaces causing further damage to parts of the building at the site and below.

Animal proofing inspections are the first step in gaining control.

First, we’ll conduct an in-depth inspection to the property and evaluate the situation.  Then, we’ll give you a free estimate and description of the work to be done by our company for animal proofing.  We are not a carpentry company so our methods of sealing and proofing the building will be with the most effective-type exclusion in mind.  This consists of products like steel mesh, galvanized steel, expanding foam, light wood replacement work, copper meshing and light sheet rock work.  We will make every attempt to hide or disguise the work performed to match the building and not cause an “eye-sore”.  Our methods are to provide immediate control, effective protection and low cost insulation to remedy the pest problem at hand.

Think GREEN Pest Control is efficient at animal proofing and issues 12 month warranties on all work performed.

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