February Specials are here!

Squirrels are busy, as well as many other larger mammal-type pests such as raccoons and opossums.  Rodents and mammals can make a heck of a mess with gnawing, digging, tearing and not to mention the fecal sanitation headaches they cause.

Quarterly plans are still very popular no matter the time of year.  Year round protection with services every three months.   Our quarterly plans will have you protected against mice, ants, bees and wasps.

Squirrels and flying squirrels can cause great damage to homes and other structures.  Squirrels will chew, gnaw and tear to gain entry into a desired living space.  Typically these areas lead to attics but occasionally other crawlspaces and even basements.

Cost of repairs can be in the thousands of dollars, especially when having a skilled carpenter repair the work.  With on the repairs done, squirrels WILL gain entry again.  You need a professional pest company to trap and remove problem squirrels (or other pests like raccoons) and then seal up entry points with reinforced steel, wire mesh and other tough to remove products.

Our mechanical exclusion work is cheaper than having a carpenter or handy man replace the damage to like-new condition.  We focus on function first, while still maintaining pleasant eye appeal.  Give us a call today for a free quote on trapping, removing and preventing squirrels or any other pests.  (860) 454-0712 or (203) 340-0135

Save 10% on a fecal clean up service in the month of February when mentioning this special!

Quarterly prevention for those pesky mice is great way to get ahead of the damage they cause by chewing, gnawing, defecating and the other slew of destructive behaviors mice do!

Set up quarterly services for mice and we’ll include ants, bees and wasps.  For most homes, these are the most prevalent invaders and we’ve built a plan to combat them.

Quarterly plans for residential homes are just $99 per service after the first treatment.  Cost for the initial treatment is $295 plus tax, we use the best products available to gain control of pests so naturally prices are reflected based on higher end goods and services.  Ask around and check our reviews…you won’t be disappointed with our service!

Call us today!  (860) 454-0712 or (203) 340-0135

Save 10% on your initial application when you start a quarterly plan in the month of February!