At Think GREEN Pest Control, we service a lot of Residential Homes.  With the demand for organic and natural pest control growing we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback with our GREEN services.  Below are some of our most popular plans.  Most of our services are available in GREEN-Only option (aka natural or organic).

If you have any questions regarding any of our services, treatment practices or pricing please feel free to call us any time and we’ll be glad to help.

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Monthly pest control is the best way to protect your home from pesky invaders.  With a monthly plan you get the benefit of routine prevention…stop problems before they start.   If you can’t stand the sight of an ant in your kitchen or the sound of a mouse running around the ceiling tiles then this plan is for you.  We do warranty all our recurring service plans so no matter if your monthly, quarterly or anything in between your level of pests should be zero.  Monthly plans are are designed for homes with high pest pressures and where homeowner tolerances are low.  Serious pest control at a very affordable price.

Typically our monthly pest plans include ants, bees, wasps and mice.   We can add/delete and customize a plan just for you if needed.  Monthly plans are available in all GREEN.


Seasonal programs work a little different than some of our other plans. They cover ants, bees, wasps, spiders, clovermites, lawn beetles, centipedes, millipedes, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, cicada killer wasps and area treated every-other-month. Seasonal applications start in March or April and run until September or October.  Homes on our seasonal plan will be treated 4x’s per year over the course of spring, summer and fall. They include our back-to-back warranty.  Which gives you unlimited service calls for any covered pest during the season.  These plans work great for customers who are tired of seeing ants inside and wasps building nests on their homes.

Stings from bees and wasps can pose a serious health risk.  Even if you are not allergic to insect stings you can fall victim to a dangerous attack.  Bees and wasps nest can get very large and it is in these large numbered attacks that have the potential to cause life threatening or fatal incidents.

Our seasonal plans work great for keep most insects at bay.  See our Quarterly plan if you need rodent control as well.  Seasonal plans are  offered in all GREEN.  Scroll down to view our pricing table and see what other pests you can pair with a Seasonal plan to maximize control and protect your family, pets and home.


Quarterly programs are great plans to keep your home or business maintained and routinely protected.  These work well with low-pest population scenarios and simply want the protection and piece of mind that you have a company at-the-ready.  We’ll service 4x’s a year and give you unlimited service calls in between those regular services.  Back-to-back warranty for all covered pests.

Quarterly plans are ideal for homes with constant problems with ants, bees, wasps and mice.  Our rodent control applications are top notch, you don’t have to live or work with mice again.  Quarterly plans are also available in all GREEN.  We want to make sure your happy and bug-free no matter the pest or situation.


Have a pest problem but don’t want a routine service?  One-time application services are what you’re looking for.  Depending on the type of pest, you typically get an initial application, a follow-up service and a (30) day warranty.   This service works well with the homes that only have a bug problem every few years.  However, all homes are different and all pests act differently.  Some homes require attention every month, while others can last for years with no problems.  In our experience, most homes can benefit well from a quarterly or seasonal plan.

Raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels and other larger type pests would fall under our one-time services.  Nuisance wildlife control works a little differently.  Typically, a wildlife job includes a set-trap service, a pick-up service and disposal service.

one time


Currently we’re offering three types of mosquito prevention plans.  A monthly plan by far is the best for protecting your family and taking back your yard.  While 100% control is still unrealistic, we can seriously reduce the mosquito population.  Typically, we find populations dropped by 80-90%, but may vary depending on location factors.

Bi-monthly plans work great when standing water concentration is low and you have a well maintained yard (cut, cleared, dry).  See pricing table at the bottom of this page. (our most popular mosquito plan)

Having a BBQ this weekend?  One-time applications work
great for events.  With the option of all GREEN products used, we can treat that same day to give you the maximum amount of control with the smallest amount of exposure.  Keep in mind that our GREEN products use essential oils such as mint, wintergreen, rosemary, vanilla, cedar, lemongrass and others so odors are likely to linger for a couple days.  It may be advantageous to have service a few days beforehand.

Click here to learn more about mosquitoes and their vectors.

flea and tick


Preventing for fleas and ticks is an important role when you spend anytime around your yard.  Often overlooked, fleas and ticks can carry some serious diseases and parasites.  The Black-legged Tick or better know as the Deer Tick carries Lyme disease.  Fleas can transmit parasites such as tapeworms.  More recent in the news is the Powassan Virus being found in ticks and being transferred through bites to humans.  A few towns are currently seeing this and it is likely to grow further like most new pathogens  This particular virus has no cure and the outcome can be life-threatening.  We don’t like to fear monger but often times we forget how serious pests can pose on our health.  Regular flea and tick treatments are a great preventions for such threats and our pricing is designed to fit most budgets.  Scroll down the page to see some our pricing options.

Quarterly & Seasonal Available Plans