Vernon Pest Control

Vernon Pest Control Since 2007

Servicing Vernon CT from Box Mountain to Rockville and both sides of 83 and Route 30, Think GREEN Pest Control has been ridding the streets of pests for years now.   Vernon has a good mix of residential areas, commercial plazas and hidden rural areas.  Although we specialize in the use of GREEN type products, we know and understand that sometimes traditional methods of control are needed for the hard to eliminate pest situations.  The need for GREEN type products has been increasing with the changes to schools, hospitals and health care facilities policies.

Always a need for pest control in Vernon, CT

Without pest control companies intervention the streets would flood with pests such as Norway rats, German roaches and Opossums.  Protecting it’s citizens from disease carrying pests is what Think GREEN Pest Control does.  We also have the ability to service with natural, organic products for sensitive accounts such as schools and hospitals.

Vernon Pest Control Practices

Vernon is full of stores, shops, dining, parks, schools, and homes.  The great variety of different pest situations requires a company trained in all aspects of pest control.  Whether we are outside trapping raccoons or in apartment buildings eliminating silverfish, Think GREEN has you covered.  Think GREEN Pest Control has serviced thousands of apartments and performed just as many restaurant services so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done correctly.

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