Diseases / Viruses

Fecal Clean-ups and Sanitation Services

Often overlooked are the diseases, viruses and parasites associated with pests.Pests can carry an amazing amount of pathogens and personal protection should be a priority when eliminating an infestation of any kind.  The type of vector depends on the insect, rodent or animal involved.  A good rule of thumb is always wear gloves when handling any pests and while cleaning up droppings, castings, dead animals, etc.  A respirator is also a good idea, especially for rodent droppings.  When disturbed tiny particles in the feces will become airborne and you will breathe these in potentially exposing yourself to disease, viruses, parasites or even a simple irritation leading to asthmatic attacks.  It is always a good idea to consult with a professional before trapping, treating for and cleaning up pests.

Think GREEN Pest Control offers fecal clean-up and sanitation services for all pests.  Most common clean-ups are mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons but we’ll clean-up any mess left behind by pests.  An IMPORTANT note about raccoon droppings:  Always have an education professional clean these particular droppings.  They can carry roundworm and you could potentially become infected when disturbing the droppings during clean up.   Think Safe, Think GREEN and call the professionals for remediation and protection against all vectors.

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