Bat insideHistoplasmosis is a disease caused from the fungus, Histoplasma capsulatum.

This fungus can be found in the droppings of birds or bat guano.  Typically contraction happens when the spores are disturbed, usually from cleaning up the droppings without the proper equipment.  To keep things simple, symptoms tend to show up within 3-17 days of exposure with 12-14 days being the norm.  Symptoms are respiratory related, causing problems with the lungs, hard cough and flu-like symptoms.  If you feel you have been exposed and showing ill side effects you should always consult a doctor, this page if for basic information only and should not be use to diagnose any medical problems.

Prevention starts with identify that there is an avian problem to deal with.

Next, you should always have a licensed experienced professional inspect and assess your unique situation.  Eliminating host bats or birds from a structure too close for comfort is key.  This can be your attic or place of business.    Typically this will include evicting the pests, sealing up entry ways to prevent future roosting and then a fecal clean-up service.  Our fecal plans can include using viralcides, HEPA filtered vacuums, replacing insulation and sanitizing affected areas.

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