Bubonic Plague

bubonic_plagueBubonic Plague is a Zoonotic Disease.  Without treatment it kills about two thirds of those infected.  It typically is spread through fleas, more particularly the Oriental Rat Flea.  The rat fleas are more prominent living among mice and rats.  Hence why urban areas with higher rodent populations got hit with the black death harder than other areas.   Symptoms include Gangrene, chills, general ill feeling, high fever, muscle cramps, lymph nodes swelling, skin color changes and pain from swelling areas.  Treatment is usually very successful and should start as soon as potentially infected from the Bubonic Plague.  Always consult a doctor for questions of symptoms and treatments, this page is for general information only.

There are still medical cases of the Bubonic Plague every year in the United States.  However, modern medicine does a good job of keeping outbreaks under control.  With that being said, prevention of this horrific disease starts with elimination of the rodents that carry the fleas that carry the disease.  Having a mouse stirring at night can be a lot more hazardous to your health than first thought.  A lot of stigma in the news today about bed bugs and how “dirty” they are.  Well the truth is, as of writing this page, bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases, yet mice and rats can and are often ignored or overlooked.  Rodent prevention is key for a healthy home.  Control starts with knowledge of the rodent you are dealing with and then a plan of action can be put into place.

Think GREEN Pest Control offers free inspections and insect/rodent ID’s.  We will work with you to get your home or business under control, rodent-free and most importantly, safe.  We’ll use a number of tools from mechanically excluding rodents out to baiting or trapping.  We offer one-time services or recurring services such as monthly plans, quarterly plans or can custom fit a solution that works best for you.  The Bubonic Plague is an extreme scenario and statistically you have a very low chance of contracting it.  However, there are still plenty of other diseases, viruses and bacteria rodents may spread.

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