Lyme Disease


This picture is of a Black Legged Tick, or better known as the Deer Tick.  These ticks are primarily responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease.  Lyme Disease was first discovered in 1975 right here in Connecticut, and was named after the towns in which it was found (Lyme and & Old Lyme).  A lot is still unknown about Lyme Disease but for anyone who has had it can tell you its nothing to take lightly.

In pest control, prevention is key.  Protection for yourself, your kids, your pets and your home starts with action.  Education is key to protecting against getting bites from these ticks.  Start by keeping your lawn cut and short.  Ticks are wingless and typically only travel 24 inches up plants, trees and grasses.  They’ll lay there and wait for the perfect moment of a passer-by and hitch a ride just as soon you get too close.  Not all ticks operate this way, for example the Lone Star tick will seek you out by picking up the CO2 you produce.

A large part of prevention of Lyme Disease is control of the carriers.  Routine applications of pesticides are the best method of keeping a safe perimeter around your home and yard.  Depending on your preference, we offer bi-monthly services for traditional pesticide applications or monthly applications for GREEN only products to serve pesticide sensitive homes.  The reason for more frequent GREEN applications is simply because the residual doesn’t last as long as regular pesticides.  Our GREEN products repellent properties have been proving very good over the past couple years and we’ve had great success with our treatments.

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