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Rat and mice droppings can carry many different pathogens and diseases.  The most popular in the news lately is the Hantavirus.  You can become contracted with the Hantavirus by being exposed to the mouse or rat droppings, urine or saliva.  Usually contact happens from cleaning up rodent droppings, especially from the White Footed Mouse or Deer Mouse.  You can protect yourself by wearing a respirator and rubber gloves.  Also you want to spray down the droppings first, either with a virucide or other disinfectant but even plain water is better than leaving them dry.  Wipe up the droppings, don’t sweep or brush, that will cause the small particles to become airborne.   Another method is using a vacuum with a HEPA filter installed to suck up the droppings.  The Hantavirus left untreated and delayed treatment can cause serious illness and even death.

Think GREEN Pest Control does offer fecal clean-ups and sanitation applications.

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