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GREEN types of pest control is growing…almost literally

Green types of pest control methods are gaining a lot of popularity lately.  GREEN as whole is growing.  Consumers are educated and careful now more than ever.  Today’s customers want to make sure their homes are being protected but also without the risk of hurting the Eco system.  GREEN pest control products are fitting that bill well.  With food type ingredients and flexible labeling we can use these new GREEN products almost anywhere.  In schools, while school is in operation is a great example.  Traditional pesticides have been restricted in most school systems.  But GREEN pesticides are not really pesticides at all….yes they control pests but without all the EPA registration, 10+ years testing on animals and more.  GREEN Products are 25b exempt, meaning they bypass EPA testing and requires no registration.  What this means is the environmental protection agency has deemed the active ingredients to be generally accepted as safe.  Some hybrid products are GREEN in the sense and are able to speed through registration, giving them a EPA# but are regarded as low in toxicity, much lower than typical pesticides.  Something I would like to note here is that most traditional pesticides carry only a Warning label from the EPA.  Warning is the lowest tier with Caution as 2nd and 1st being Danger.  In most homes the danger products are not in pesticide containers but in the cleaning products used to wash floors and scrub toilets.  The pest industry gets a bit of a bad reputation for misleading information.

Our GREEN products contain oils such as vanilla, wintergreen, rosemary…everyday items we all have heard of

Our GREEN products have a variety of essential oils combined together to gain quick control and repel strong.  Vanilla, wintergreen, rosemary, mint, lemongrass, geraniol and peppermint oils are some of the ingredients used in our GREEN line of products.  These oils give us great knock down action while also providing good repellent properties especially for mosquitoes.  The oils block the receptors that insects use to find blood meals on humans and pets.  GREEN has come a long way but it is only the beginning.  These products have a residual of about 4-6 weeks given the right weather conditions.  While traditional pesticides may last for years.  We like to use both types in our treatments, GREEN for the quick knockdown and repellent properties and traditional for long lasting control.  We do offer all GREEN services and have many customers that prefer this.  Our all GREEN customers have seen great results, especially when treatments are no longer than 4-8 weeks apart during the warmers months.

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