Canadian Geese can be seen everywhere throughout Connecticut.

They are easily identified by their brown and grey feathers and long black necks.  Weight rages from 3-15 pounds with males being heavier than the females.  After hatching juveniles reach maturity in 3-4 months.  Breeding for geese doesn’t happen until the age of three years old, although a few may nest at two years old.  Geese for the most part are monogamous and stay with the same partner for life, unless one of them dies then the other will find another mate.  A water habitat is essential for geese.  They will nest within 150 feet of a lake or pond.   Geese will pick a safe area to make a nest and lay eggs, this is usually in the brush and in an elevated location.  Depending on the species of geese, egg laying can start between late February into April.  Females will return to the same area year after year to lay their eggs in the same spot.  Geese will lay an egg every 1.5 days and a typical clutch will be about 5 eggs per nest.  Incubation period for geese is 26-28 days till hatched.  Usually after all eggs have hatched the young geese will be led up to two miles away to a grassy feeding area for food and protection.

Control of geese is strictly protected.

Permits are needed to rid nuisance geese in Connecticut.  Methods of control include; eliminating favorable conditions such as natural food sources and installing plants such as pachysandras which are distasteful to geese, mechanical barriers such as fences to section off areas of roosting, and scare-tactics to help frighten geese away.

Geese take patience and skill to rid.  More often, a combination of all methods will be needed and regular visits for up to a year to successfully eliminate geese.  Geese can cause a great deal of distress and damage with their droppings.

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