Moles can destroy your lawn.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you take the time and spend the money to groom your lawn into a beautiful piece of art.  Lawns can cost thousands of dollars to repair or install and with moles digging 10-20 feet of tunneling a night the damage can happen fast.  Moles are territorial, so to have 2-3 moles per acre is considered a heavy infestation.  Contrary to popular belief, moles primarily feed on earth worms, not grubs.  Grubs will only make up about 5% of their diet while worms make up the rest.  The tunnels that you see uprising and destroying your lawn or mulch beds are the feeder tunnels.  Moles make those to hunt down food.  Moles create deeper subterranean tunnels in which they live in and raise young.  Moles will abandon a feeder tunnel as fast as they make them if they don’t think its a good catch for food.  On the bright side, having moles is almost a good sign.  They are there because your lawn has a food source they love, the worms.  Worms are good for lawns since they help to aerate, fertilize and turn the soil over.  Although, the moles don’t help with their feeding habits.

Control is best achieved when a professional company is used.

You may have tried the DIY mole traps or spikes and found you can’t set them correctly or have had very little or no success in trapping moles.  Honestly, the traps are a pain in the neck and we have not seen any success with them, either with our own attempts or from customer accounts.  Let me note real quick that Think GREEN Pest Control takes on a lot of mole work.  Another DIY is the noise repellents, again we have not heard of these working at all.  Finally, there are granule repellents that are supposed to drive the moles away…while I can see where it would push their food source out of your yard, i’m hard pressed to believe its complete effectiveness.

At Think GREEN Pest Control, we use a bait formulation specifically designed for moles.  This bait has been tried and trued and has resulted in great success.  What we do for a treatment is bait all the active tunnels, come back in two weeks, recheck and re-bait as needed.  We offer a 30 day warranty that starts after the second treatment and this is something you will not find with other companies.

Here is the disclaimer:  You have moles because your lawn is ideal for their food source and they have come to feed.  We can eliminate the moles you are currently having a problem with but you must understand that new moles may move in on the vacant territory.  Your lawn is prime real estate.  Depending on the geographic area you may be mole-free for years or only a couple months, this is something we cannot predict and have experienced both scenarios.  I will say that re-occurrences make up about 20-30% of the jobs we do in the first year.  Prices start at $300 and for larger lawns it will be more.  The baits are costly and the time invested is more.  All work is quoted on site and there is no charge for an inspection.

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