Mosquitoes can carry a variety of hazardous diseases and viruses.

Mosquitoes can transmit a variety of diseases such as Yellow Fever, Maleria, West Nile and Dengue Fever.  Prevention starts with the elimination of their breeding sources.  Repellents work well in bringing down the level of mosquitoes in a given area.  Complete control of Mosquitoes is not likely due to environmental factors.

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To control mosquitoes takes a keen eye, patience and homeowners help.

Controlling mosquitoes can be a difficult task.  They breed fast and anywhere there is standing water.  Their eggs can lay dried and waiting till the next rainfall for sometime and still hatch without harm.  They lay their eggs on or near water of items such as bird baths, gutters, outside toys, tall grass, ponds and anywhere else standing water can occur.

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Essential oil

GREEN-type products work great for repelling mosquitoes.

At Think GREEN Pest Control, we like to use all natural GREEN type products to repel mosquitoes away.  The odor blocks the receptors they use to find a blood meal.  The GREEN products also act as an adulticide and will eliminate on contact as well as work to repel them.  The result is a pesticide-free home and dramatic reduction in mosquito populations.  We recommend monthly visits during peak times of the year to ensure a consistent level of control.  Our technicians will submit recommendations to you, the homeowner, in things you can do to help aid in control such as remove standing water or cut grass.

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