Opossums for the most part are beneficial to their surroundings.

They feed on insects and small animals such as mice and voles.  However, they do like to raid our garbage cans just as much.  Opossums can transmit diseases and more particularly the disease known as Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM).  This is especially a danger for places housing outside pets such as horses.  They can transmit the disease through their droppings, contaminating feed and water supplies.  The protozoa eggs are shed in the opossum’s feces, thus if pets or any animals feeds or drinks from a contaminated source can contract EPM.

Some tips and tricks you can do yourself for repelling opossums are; keeping your yard well lit at night, opossums prefer dark areas.  Eliminate food sources such as securing garbage can lids and bringing in pet bowls at night.  Keep poultry houses closed up and fence in gardens to prevent foraging.  You can also try picking up fallen fruit from apple trees and such.  Also seal up areas where opossums are living such as under decks and sheds.

If you are still having a problem with opossums we can help.  We’ll trap and remove them from your property.  Typically, we charge $125 to place live-catch traps down around your yard and we’ll check those at least once a day.  We don’t charge for empty cages only if we catch an animal and typically that charge is $150 for the first opossum and $50 each additional opossum caught in the same day.  Depending on the size of a job we may be able to give further discounts or offer alternate pricing.

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