Spiders can be found everywhere in Connecticut.

They come in all colors and sizes and varying degrees of danger.  Some are so small you wouldn’t recognize it as a spider and others so large you contemplate grabbing a shotgun.  The amount of different types of spiders we have here in Connecticut is vast and to explain in short or long detail would be cumbersome.   Spiders in general are 2 segmented (2 body parts), they have 4 pairs of legs and compound eyes…some have multiple sets of eyes.   Spiders can have up to eight eyes in which knowing how many they have can help us to identify a particular species.  Some spiders will hunt a particular type of insect only while others will feed on whatever it can catch.  There are even some spiders that will steal the food from webs of unrelated spiders.  The abdomen of the spider contains its silk.  The silk is made up of a liquid protein that turns to dry fibers when outside the body.   Spiders will use this silk to make webs to catch prey or to subdue already caught prey before delivering a fatal bite.  They may also use this to build shelters, hide & protect eggs and some will even use silk-made webs for courtship behaviors.

Control of spiders starts with knocking down existing webbing and ridding the current population.

Routine maintenance is highly recommended since spiders are persistent insects and will re-infest a given area provided it has a good food source.  By design, spiders don’t pick up pesticides as easy as other insects.  Their tall legs keep their body off the ground of treated services and they wont pick up as much pesticide as say ants would.   Typically, a bi-monthly is ideal for preventative maintenance of spiders.  However, in some areas a quarterly plan may suffice.

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