Silverfish are common in homes throughout Connecticut.

Silverfish are in the Order, known as Thysanura of which there are over 450 variations world wide.  In the USA we have about 30 different kinds of silverfish and firebrats (another type of silverfish).  Among the variations most silverfish/firebrats have in common are: uniformly grey in color, overlapping scales, several pairs of legs, long antennae and long appendages coming out from the end of the abdomen tip.

Silverfish and firebrats like warm and humid environments and are often found in attics, wall voids, in bathrooms or basements.

The adult silverfish feed on most human foods as well as; paper, cotton, glue, paste, silk, synthetic materials and starch cotton.

Control can depend on where you are seeing the silverfish.  If it is only in the basement then a dehumidifier may be all you need.  Drying out their environment will make it unfavorable for silverfish and you will naturally rid them out of those areas.  Other areas of a home and office require different approaches best handle by license pest control operators.  The best place to start in controlling silverfish is to set up a free inspection.

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