Living in Connecticut there are many different kinds of snakes.

Most of which are harmless to humans.  We do have two types of venomous snakes which are the Timber Rattler Snake and the Northern Copperhead.  Both are rare and if seen should not be killed or tampered with.  These are protected by the Department of Environmental Protection and with only special permission can they be handled even by professionals.  Shown in the picture above is a Norther Copperhead.   Rattlesnakes and Copperheads belong to family of snakes known as pit vipers.  The term pit viper refers to the loreal pits located on each side of the head.  The pits act as guided heat seeking missiles, in other words they are designed to pick up the body temperature of its prey with great accuracy.

Among the 14 species of snakes found in Connecticut only two are dangerous.

A lot of information can be said about each of the 14 snakes and it may be cumbersome to detail them all.  Here’s is a brief overview.  Snakes are found in and around water, in brush, under rocks, around homes, in basements, in leaf piles, in wooded areas, in rock cliffs and other such areas.  They feed on everything from insects to toads, frogs, mice, voles, birds and other small game.  Snakes are coldblooded, meaning they can’t regulate their own body temperature like mammals can.  Snake have no eyelids but they have a membrane called a spectacle that protects the eyes.  Snakes use their tongues to “smell” for food.   There are several look alike snakes that may look like a pit viper but in fact is actually harmless.  Identification can be tricky with some species.  Regardless, snakes should never be killed and are beneficial to their environment.

Humans have an irrational fear of snakes.  They really want nothing to do with you and would be happy just to carry on with their snake-lives.  However, snakes can be a nuisance.  Getting in basements or chicken coops is a problem.  We can help by physically removing them from the property and relocating them somewhere else.  We also offer repellent services for snakes.  These repellents drive snakes away naturally without hurting them, they will associate these areas as being distasteful and will stay away.

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