Ants are a huge pest problem in Connecticut.

Ants are commonly found in lawns, under rocks, boards, and along sidewalks or near water. Their food sources include any sweets, proteins or grease type food.  In CT we have large variety of ants.  Most common are the Carpenter Ants (big black ones), Pavement Ants (small brownish ones), Citronella Ants (orange in color and smell like citrus when crushed) and the Odorous House Ant (very tiny and smell like crushed coconuts when crushed).  Depending on the species of ant will determine the type of treatment required.  Some ants can be ridden with a repellent spray.  Others need to be bait for and using a spray could actually make the problem way worse.  Some ant colonies reproduce by what is called “budding”.  When one nest divides into two or three or more.  This happens naturally for some species but can also happen if they are disturbed by a homeowner spraying insecticides and threatening their colony.  Ants can be very tricky to get rid and a positive identification is always the first step to elimination.

Ants can live in wood, under floors, in potted plants and even in your kitchen cabinets.

Indoor carpenter ant nests are found bored into wooden parts of buildings, and may cause severe structural damage. Carpenter ants cannot sting, but have a painful bite. There can be as many as 20 satellite colonies associated with a main colony that contains the queen(s). They feed on other insects dead or alive. Although they do not feed on wood, they bore into it to make their nests.  The smaller type ants can live it the most remote places of your home or workplace.  They are able to hide well and slip through the smallest of cracks.  Some types of small ants could be only 10-20 ants in population, while others can be in the hundreds to even thousands.  Ants are a major pest problem, in fact they are currently the #1 pest in the United States.  Identifying their species, living areas and feeding habits is key to eliminating a colony.  Over the counter sprays will usually make the problem much worse, so it’s a job best left to the professionals to solve.

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