Bed Bugs

Sleep tight, don’t let the Bed Bugs bite…

Bed Bugs are back and in record numbers. These blood suckers can live up to one year without a meal.  Because of the over-use of chemicals used in the past control of these insects has been difficult.  Common signs that you have Bed Bugs include swollen skin in the site of the bite(s) usually over veins, dark “spots” on the mattress, bed and walls. The visual sight of small tick-like insects crawling around your bed, furniture, carpets, walls and ceilings can be Bed Bugs.  Bed Bugs are a “people” pest.  Meaning they follow people where ever they may go.  On vacation or on a bus, plane, movie theater or even hitch a ride in your purse or gym bag…the possibilities are endless on how Bed Bugs can “hitchhike” their way around.

Bed Bugs have perfected their feeding and living habits over hundreds of years.

Bed Bugs typically only feed 1-2 times per week, so if you experiencing new bites every night you may have a bigger problem than you realize.  An adult Bed Bug is about the size of medium-sized tick and similar in shape and color.  Bed Bugs lack wings and therefore can not fly.  The smallest of Bed Bugs are only the size of the tip of a ball point pen and can be very difficult to see.  Bed Bugs grow by shedding their skin and molting into the next instar.  An instar is just another name for a development stage of an insect, same with roaches or any other insect that goes through incomplete metamorphosis.  They’re are 5 instars till a Bed Bug is a full adult.  Bed Bugs require a blood meal in order to molt to the next stage of life.  This can be from a human, bats, chickens, family pets, etc.   Female Bed Bugs can lay a few eggs a day and up to 200 over the course of their lifetime.  They “glue” their eggs in hidden protected spots to ensure the safety and hatching of their young, this can make finding them and identifying an infestation even more difficult.  A thorough inspection can take hours to complete, while the use of a Bed Bug-sniffing dog can speed up the process it is cautioned that these trained dogs can have “off” days as well.

Treating for Bed Bugs is laboring work and is best left to the professionals.

Treatment for these little vampires can be very challenging.  Treatments should only be performed by licensed professionals and only use companies with years of experience.  Over-the-counter remedies are frankly a waste of money and just unnecessary pesticides to your home.  It takes a combination of treatment methods and a variety of chemical products to successfully eliminate Bed Bugs.  At Think GREEN Pest Control we have developed a multi-faceted approach to exterminating them and have a very high success rate in total elimination.  When re-occurrences happen it is at the fault of the tenant, either by not completing the preparation (we issue directions) fully or correctly, or the tenant(s) have reintroduced the Bed Bugs most likely by the means they first encountered them.  Our products do carry a long lasting residual and should provide protection against infestations for some time and because of this we issue warranties with all Bed Bug treatments provided the prep work is completed in its entirely.

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