Bees can infest homes by the hundreds and even thousands in some cases.

In the bug world there are thousands of varieties of bees and wasps.  Bees tend to be more short and blunt in shape while wasps are longer and thinner.  The bumble bee is often confused with the honey bee. The bumblebee looks different than the streamlined honeybee, who dashes about everywhere. Even the bumble bee’s body shape is different. The bumble is round and furry. There are actually three kinds of bumble bees, the large Queen, the smaller imperfectly formed female worker bee and the tiny male or drone bee. Only the Queen and the worker bees have a stinger. Unlike the Honey bee, Bumble bees do not lose their stinger and die if they use it.

Bees are different than Paper Wasps.

Paper wasps are a group of many different types of wasp, most of them looking and behaving similar.  They tend to make paper-like nest in the corners of eves, near roof lines, under decks and playground equipment.  Some nests are enclosed while others are left exposed to where you can see the “comb” or eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.  Paper wasps tend to be very aggressive and are well known to sting a person or animal that gets too close for comfort.  They build new nests every year and by the end of the warm season number can range in the hundreds.  Control of these wasps can be achieved by many different methods.  We use liquids, aerosol sprays, dusts, fog and GREEN products to control them.  We also have preventative programs to stop a problem from developing…these wasp programs work well with homes/businesses that have a problem year after year.  Bees and wasps tend to favor the warmer side of buildings, or the South side.  This may be why you notice new nests located right next to an old nest.

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