Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles are fairly common in homes throughout Connecticut.

Carpet beetles are found in dark, secluded areas.  Damage is done by the larvae that feed in dark undisturbed locations on a variety of dead animals and animal products, such as wool, silk, leather, fur, hair, brushes with natural bristles, pet hair, and feathers. They do not feed on synthetic fibers.  Sanitation and exclusion is very important. Remove sources of infestations and eliminate possible sources.

Carpet Beetles can be multi-colored like in the picture above or all black.

Treatment would consist of a liquid application to all carpeted areas as well as other hot spots such as pet areas and kitchens.  Depending on the locations of the infestations we may use other products in conjunction with a liquid treatment.  For example, if finding activity in and on couches or similar furniture, we may use a natural dust to treat the void inside the furniture.   A one-time application is usually all that is needed to remedy the situation.  As with all our treatments we included a warranty so you can be sure your pest problem is gone.

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