The Giant House Centipede is usually one to two inches long, with very long slender antennae and 15 pairs of long legs.

The grayish yellow to brown body has 3 longitudinal dorsal stripes, and the legs are banded with white.  They can readily detach their legs if grasped by an enemy. The last pair of legs is very long and is modified to hold its victims.  This species of centipede is found in wet damp places, especially in basements, in potted plants that are over watered and in bathrooms. Their bite can be painful, but is not generally toxic to humans.

Centipede prevention starts with the outside.

Remove debris from around the perimeter of your home or business.  Consider using crushed stone as a barrier against the foundation, this will naturally help to repel crawling insects.  Next install dehumidifiers to the basement areas and any other areas of high moisture concentration.  Technically speaking, if you could get the moisture content below 20% you would naturally kill any insects, molds, fungi.  Although, this is very tough, if no impossible in CT to do…it also would be very uncomfortable for living and working conditions for us humans.

For immediate control we can treat the inside and outside with a repellent-type product that would eliminate current populations and help to prevent future centipedes from getting inside.  A one-time treatment could last 30-90 days, depending on environmental factors.  If centipedes are a consistent pest problem I would suggest a regular maintenance program, such as a quarterly plan.

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