Kitten fleasFleas can get inside homes and businesses that don’t even have pets!

Fleas belong to the order siphonaptera; this name comes from “siphon” (sucking mouth parts), “a” (without), and “ptera” (wings), referring to their wingless and bloodsucking characteristics.

Fleas can enter your home a number ways including: from mice, visiting pets, wondering neighborhood pets such as cats, having your own pets come in contact with fleas while using the outside during play or business.  Fleas have three pairs of legs, with the rear being modified for jumping large heights and distances.


flea finalFleas are laterally compressed, making them flat, slender and able to easily squeeze between hairs on the animals it feeds on.  Eggs are very small and very difficult to see.  Fleas do not “stick” or “glue” their eggs to like what bed bugs do, so once laid they tend to fall of hosts and land on the ground, carpet or bedding.  The larvae are small, maggot-like insects and are white in color.  They will feed on dried blood and adult flea fecal matter until they enter the pupae stage.  Fleas can lay dormant for an extended period of time while in their pupae stage.  They can lay and wait for months and even years until the time is right, usually when a blood meal is present.  Vibration from animals or footsteps will tell the flea its time to break open and feed.  Fleas may feed several times a day.

The most common flea is the Cat Flea.

The Oriental Rat Flea was and is responsible for the black death or Bubonic Plague.  There are still reports of the Bubonic Plague every year in the United States, although well managed and contained.  However, pets and humans can contract parasitic worms from flea bites of all types.


Control of Fleas consists coordinating with a pest control company to schedule a day and time to have your pets dipped and home treated at the same time.  We will use several different products all with different modes of action to control a flea infestation.  Our treatments include an initial application, a 30 day follow up and 30 day warranty starting after the second application.  Our prices vary by the size of the area being treated, see pricing table below.