Fruit Flies

Fruit_FliesAh the Vinegar Fly…or better known as the fruit fly.

Fruit flies are found breeding just about anywhere but prefer to spend their time around ripening fruit.  Fruit flies can be identified by their bright red eyes and small brownish-yellowish bodies.  Females can lay hundreds of eggs at a time and prefer to do this in the juices of over-ripened fruit.  The larvae feed on the yeast in the fruit.

For anyone that has had to deal with fruit flies (and I think that includes just about everyone), they can be a huge nuisance.  They seem to pop-up over night and seem impossible to get rid off at times.   The best start to controlling fruit flies is to eliminate their food and breeding source.  They typically will spend most of their time very close to that source and should make identifying it a little easier.  The life span of fruit flies is only a couple weeks and if you are successful in removing their breeding sites they will eventually die-out on their own.

DIY things you can try in the meantime would be to put out some vinegar traps.

Start by getting a few cups or bowls, put a mixture or apple cider vinegar and sliced fruit in the cup/bowl.  Then cover with plastic wrap.  Last, poke holes in the plastic wrap large enough for the flies to crawl in but not easily out.  This is a trick to catch some of the fliers, although will not eliminate fruit flies altogether if you don’t find their breeding source.

Pest control applications can work very well in aiding to knock down the current fruit fly population as well as prevent future generations with the use of insect growth regulators.  We will also work to find their breeding sources and eliminate them.  It can be fustrating to have fruit flies for days or weeks.

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