There are several types of roaches we have in Connecticut, German Cockroaches being the most troublesome

Cockroaches are most commonly found indoors in kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas. The females produce 3-4 capsules of 30-40 eggs each.  Life cycle is about 75 days, and a single female and offspring can produce over 30,000 individuals in a year. Cockroaches are cannibalistic insects.   Although over-the-counter baits are abundant and sold just about everywhere…they don’t work.  Don’t be fooled and don’t waste the money.  A pest control company with special licensing are able to get the “good” stuff.  A combination of baits, liquid sprays, fogs, and good ole’ fashion vacuuming is how we gain control.

Employees may be the reason for roaches in a kitchen

The change has shifted from checking the food delivery trucks to taking a second look at the employee’s personal belongings for roaches.  Food delivery companies have policies in place to prevent and limit their pest issues, which in turn results in cleaner, more bug free trucks.  The attention is now (or should be) shifted at looking at other ways roaches can be getting inside a commercial kitchen.  An open line of communication is important to have with your staff.  Asking if they may have pest problems at home and then remedying that issue could mean the difference in eliminating a roach infested kitchen or comping someones meal.

Sanitation is very important, especially dealing with the German Roach

Tenant/homeowner cooperation also plays an important role in gaining control.  Picking up dead roach carcasses and flushing down the toilet will greatly speed up the process of eliminating roaches.  Since the egg capsule only is partially attached to the females the eggs are not affected by baits, liquids or fog treatments leaving the babies inside unharmed and able to hatch even if the female it is attached to is dead.  Taking trash outside regularly and washing down floors, counter, and walls will help to reduce their food source.  Roaches can live off almost anything including the glue that attaches wallpaper.  Seal up cracks around counters, baseboards, piping and any other gaps/holes to further reduce harborage areas.  Finally, following the preparation sheet that Think GREEN Pest Control will make our cockroach treatment must more effective resulting in shorter amount of time need to gain full control.

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