GREEN, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a sign for “green” products or services.  When did that happen?  Now, more than ever our world needs care and attention.  Milk cartons take 5 years to biodegrade and Styrofoam takes more than 5,000 years…yes YEARS.  Our carbon footprint is getting heavier and heavier every day.  It’s going to take a lot to stop the forward motion but at Think GREEN Pest Control we are doing our share.  We limit our exposure to pesticides as much as possible.  For example, rather than using a spray to eliminate only about 5% of an ants nest, we’ll use baits to take down 100% instead.  Less call backs, less chemical, safer products and lower costs benefits everyone.  Half an inch is all that is needed for a full grown, possibly pregnant mouse to enter a structure.  We will use baits, traps, and glueboards to catch the mice inside, but we won’t just control the problem, we’ll work to prevent an infestation from occurring again.  We will conduct a thorough inspection to the exterior to find entry points and seal them preventing future problems from happening.  We believe to be truly GREEN you need to stop and prevent re-occurrences as much as possible.

Pest control is a service based industry.  Think GREEN’s service won’t just meet…it WILL exceed all other pest management firms. Occasionally, one of your tenants may find honey bees have pushed their way through the drywall and have begun stinging the family dog after normal business hours.  Or at that new bistro down the street found rats have chewed through fascia boards and now are feasting on the Surf & Turf supposed to be served to table 17. There is no point to fast delivery if you can’t back it up with great results.  Think GREEN is constantly looking into better, more efficient and GREENER ways of bringing you pest services.  Countless hours and plenty of dollars are spent in new education and reeducation to our technicians.  We’re not just exterminators, we’re highly trained professionals.  With friendly phone staff and easy billing the mechanics behind the bugs is simple and quick to use.

A technician’s greatest asset (besides a bright flashlight) is his training and experience.   We work very closely with state agencies such as the EPA and DEEP.  DEEP stands for Department of Environmental & Energy Protection and is constantly in contact with us. They make sure all the pest companies are doing what they are supposed to and not doing the things they shouldn’t.  The DEEP is a wealth of information and we use their tools to better serve our clients.  Over the years, Think GREEN has developed many strong relationships.  In essence, there is no job too big or bug too small for us to handle.  We have built our reputation on bedbugs and roaches, but we’ll service anything the DEEP allows us to handle.

With flexible service appointments, we’re able to fit into anyone’s busy schedule.  Call us today!

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