Our Guarantee

Think GREEN Pest Control is dedicated to thinking GREEN and providing excellent service with unmatched results.  We believe this so much we guarantee all work with warranties.  Roaches, ants, bees and even bed bugs, yes, even bed bugs we can warranty.  We perfected our treatments to ensure maximum results while still keeping you safe.

Think GREEN Pest Control is different then most, if not all, other pest control companies.  We are literally dedicated to thinking GREEN!  Both on and off the job.  We’ve replaced our work hogs with eco-friendly gas-saving 37mpg Ford Focuses.  Although, we do still keep our Nuisance wildlife truck in operation, some animals can really ruin the upholstery.  We also believe in giving back…so we donate to charities like Kiva that help aid other small business get off the ground.  Our recycling bins are more full than our garbage bins…did you know almost everything we consume on a daily basis can be recycled?

Think GREEN Pest Control spends a lot of time perfecting its guarantee.  Education, training and repeat.  This all comes at a price.  We know we’re not the cheapest company out there but we do know we’re the best, that is our guarantee to you.  We won’t stop until the job is completed and you are 100% satisfied.

Have a question about our guarantee…or want to learn more about a service?  Call us and we’ll be glad to help, or use the contact form to the right hand side of this page…we always respond back!

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